A Complete Bikini Body Workouts Guide

Bikini Body Workouts

These days every woman wants a perfect bikini body to look attractive in the crowd. To get your body summer-ready is not a difficult thing. A lady can achieve this by performing several easy bikini body workouts. Read this article to know about the various bikini body workouts which you can do without hitting the gym.

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Let us talk about some of the best bikini body workouts that a lady can reap the benefits from.

Which are the Best Bikini Body Workouts? 

Bikini body workouts are effortless in nature, and the best thing about this workout is that it does not require any gym equipment. Time consumed by this workout is very less near about 30 minutes only. Do these bikini body workouts three to four days a week in an irregular pattern, and soon a change in your body will boost up your spirit. The most important thing is to repeat the whole circuit twice. 

Sumo Chop Side Hip Extension

Bikini Body workoutsBikini Body Workouts

To perform this workout, stand in a position with your feet much wider than hip. The arms of the person should be in an extended position placed overhead, and both the hands are in a clapped position. After that, lower the body into a deep sumo squat position. Then, slowly start bending the knees and try to sit back in a position with hips in a lower position. After that, lower your arms in the chop position.

Now comes the second step. In this step, the person has to stand again, raising the hands in an overhead position. After that, lift the left leg and keep it in an outside direction. Keep the torso in an upright position. Repeat the same step on both the sides. Continue the repetition on alternate sides.

T- Lunge Knee

Bikini body workoutsBikini body workouts

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In this particular workout, a person has to stand on the right leg. And after that, bring the left knee closer to the chest with both the hands and foot in a flex position.

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In the second step, try to extend the left leg behind the hip portion. After that, try to bend the right leg in a deep cut, and the body should be hinged forward from the hips. Both the arms should be ahead, and both the palms should be facing in, and the hands should be pass through ears. After attaining this position, one should return back to the original position without touching the left foot down. Repeat the same steps. 

Push Up Triangle Tap

Bikini body workoutsBikini body workouts

Just bring the body in a plank position, and the feet should be placed in the broader position than the hips, and brace the abs in a tight position. And a straight line should be maintained in a straight position from head to the heels. 

In the second step of this exercise, arms should be straightened, and the right foot should be placed left under the left foot. After that, press the outside edge of the right foot on the floor. The left-arm should be extended over the shoulder towards the ceiling. After that, try to look up at the left hand and then count for a total one minute. After this procedure person should reverse the whole motion and get back into the old position. 

Starfish Crunch 

Bikini body workouts

One must lie on the ground with the face in an up position, and the legs of the person should be extended in an X shape. After that, raise the left arm slowly, and the leg should be built off a few inches from the ground. The person should tighten the abs to keep the shoulders and hips in square shape. 

In the second step, the person should lift the head, neck, and shoulders above the ground. After that, try to draw the left leg towards the right leg.

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Single-Leg Squat Thrust 

Bikini body workoutsBikini body workouts

This exercise should start with standing on the left leg, and the knee of the right leg should be in a broken position in front of the hip, and the arms should be in an extended position. Then the person should squat down on the floor, and the right knee should be in a bent position, and the foot should be placed up of the floor. Place your hands on the floor and maintain a shoulder-wide distance.

After this step, the person should jump back with the help of the left foot to back into the plank position. The right knee must be in a bent position, and the person’s feet should face the ceiling. In a fraction of second, bring the left foot towards the hand and then come back to the old position by standing on the left leg. Repeat the process.

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Frequency of the Bikini Body Workouts Routine

The frequency of the bikini workouts is the main thing that a person can maintain. The bikini workout program has three components cardio, resistance, and flexibility. 

  • Cardio workout strengthens the person and improves stamina. 
  • The strength part of the routine helps to increase muscle and metabolism of the body. 
  • Stretching part of the exercise which helps to reduce the chances of injury. This exercise helps to keep the muscle flexible. 

A combination of these three in a proper manner is one of the best ways to get optimal results.

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According to experts, ladies should indulge in this workout at least 2-3 times in a week. The researcher adds that performing this work out 3 times a week yield 10 times better result than performing this result 2 times a week. 

Bikini Body Workouts Tips to Follow

Here are some tips which will help all you ladies to make the most out of your bikini body workouts routine.

Resistance Training  

The more the amount of muscles in the body means more amount of fat. The main thing is to note that women do not have that much testosterone, which actually results in muscle gain. Toning up the muscles of the body will not only help remove fat, but it improves the person to feel great.    

The Body Muscles Cost More 

The net energy cost of the body is much higher in a body with toned muscle than a frame carrying an excessive amount of fat. If a person can tone up the machine, then it will help run the engine of the body much more faster 24 hours a day. Actually, it is not all about carrying out the cardio. Still, it will help build up a healthy muscle, which will give the person a great personality and look. 

Have a Perfect Time for Training 

Fix a schedule for working out daily. Performing workout at any time of the day is quite beneficial. Working out in the morning is much more helpful. Performing the work out is very helpful in increasing the metabolic activity of a body. So, fix a proper time. According to the researchers, a morning workout is potentially capable enough to boost the whole day of a person.

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Maintaining a Proper Diet 

While performing the workout, a proper diet should be followed. Eating right is one of the most important things to maintain a good health. But when it comes to the maintenance of the bikini body, skipping meals is one of the worst options. A proper diet is a must for ladies who want a perfect bikini body. The person should try to make wholesome food.

Always Keep the Body Hydrated  

The benefits of drinking an ample amount of water are quite beneficial. Water helps to achieve the proper functioning of the brain, and the water helps to maintain the skin of the person in a hydrated position. Water helps flush out the toxic substances out of the body. When a person is performing a different type of physical activity, then water is the most essential element. Because water helps to curb hunger. Water helps in maintaining the digestive system more efficiently. 

Here are some of the bikini body workouts and diet tips at your rescue.


After going through this entire content, a natural conclusion can be drawn out that getting a perfect bikini body is not a difficult thing for a person. Anybody can achieve this by practicing some exercise which requires no equipment and investments, which is the most important thing about it. 

Performing exercise is not the last thing the person who is performing these activities should maintain a proper diet. To get the body back into shape.

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We really hope that this article will be of great help to all you ladies out there to maintain your physique.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!

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